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Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic

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About Us

Our clinic was founded based on the belief that our patients’ and clients' needs are of the utmost importance.  We are absolutely committed to meeting those needs.  As a result, a very high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service possible.

Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic

Our Heritage

Dr Stephen Percival and Tracy Lee.jpg

Tracy Lee

Tracy’s grandmother (and her great grandfather) were well known and respected as true Iban Traditional Healers(passed on through generations) and catered to the whole population of not only their own village, but the surrounding areas and Tracy's grandmother duly passed on that secret and long heritage of teaching to her granddaughter Tracy Lee, the founder of Chempaka Inner Sanctum.



Tracy Lee (a mix of pure Chinese and Iban heritage) has many years of experience in Traditional Iban and Chinese Therapy,right from the horse’s mouth as it were, and not just learned in an overseas school that ultimately gleaned its knowledge from many different sources loosely bound together to teach as a so-called genuine art.

Dr. Stephen and Tracy on the occasion of the opening of their new Clinic back in the Isle of Man.

Tracy’s Grandmother helped her develop the “Healing Touch”; the “Feel” so that her hands and whole being can ‘feel’ the client’s disharmonies and start the healing process.


Tracy lived the heritage knowledge and breathed the artand was painstakingly trained over her growing years in Singapore and now uses that sacred knowledge to help find, diagnose and treat many of the aches and deep pains generally found today, including Trigger Points, besides of course carefully tending to your body and soul in general.


The Iban, and its close relative Javanese massage, uses specially prepared fragrant essences of wonder healing plants and aromatherapy, which will give you an experience you will forever cherish. Just lose yourself in the Experience and intimately join mind, body and soul.


See Chempaka Inner Sanctuary and Spa for complete details

Dr. Stephen's history and qualifications have already been addressed in the tab in Special About Us.



Indulge and Enliven the Senses!


If you prefer pure pampering stress release, while releasing all those deep knots and stiffness built up from living in this fast paced 21stcentury…


Or if you're looking for pure, ultimate relaxation with aromatherapy and a healthier you - you've also come to the right place. Tracy is a specialised massage therapist at Chempaka Inner Sanctuary and is committed to your comfort and satisfaction.

Inner Sanctuary treatment room.jpg

Relax in the tranquil ambiance of our Javanese and Iban Massage Room bringing perfect harmony and balance to both body and soul.

Homemade oils and balms are carefully and lovingly created and formulated, using age-old recipes handed down through many generations of Tracy’s ancestors. 


Herbs, leaves and barks sent from Tracy’s mother in Singapore, direct from close family Chinese sources, whilst other secret herbs assimilated from Tracy’s Iban Borneo heritage village in Sarawak.


They are then selected, ground and carefully mixed by hand, dependent up the client’s individual needs, and gently infused with the chosen oil and essential oils and cooked for the exact prescribed time and then gradually cooled ready to be applied by hand.  


Let the infusions work and the fragrance calm your mind and the nutrients sink into your body, while Tracy’s magic touch soothes and heals a tired body. An hour and a half later you will arise a new person where mere words are unable to describe.

scrolls and Chinese herbs.JPG

This little known Iban Massage has been found to significantly improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility, while coaxing lymph to flow and take away the body’s wastes. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains - even anxiety and depression.

Traditional Iban and Javanese leaves, herbs and essences are carefully mixed with fragrant oils and are wrapped in special herbal bags and heated to bring about specialized treatments in this massage, to bring you a wonderful experience you won’t forget.

Heated Herbal Bags complement the massag

At the Clinic Tracy uses hot stones to compliment her massage therapy and treatment, which aids in blood flow, easing of muscle pain and has deep-seated healing powers. 

hot stones with names on them.png

You hardly even notice the subtle transition from hand to stone, but feel it’s deep power.  

massage hands using hot stones to soothe

Tracy's genuine traditional Iban and Javanese massage is truly a total experience you won’t ever forget!



Indulge and Enliven the Senses!

The old, infirm and sick especially love Tracy's therapeutic and relaxing massages and we can sometimes arrange to visit for those who are unable to get to our clinic.

Truly Experience a full traditional Iban or a Javanese massage in the tranquil setting of our dedicated Javanese massage room at our premises in Ramsey.  Relax in our peaceful surroundings and lose yourself in the soft traditional music and fresh mystical fragrances of exotic incense! Learn how to relax to Alpha and Theta rhythms to take you far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

massage hands with flowers.png

Many massage therapists work primarily with the muscles, bones and joints, as that is what they were taught and so tend to focus their studies and treatment only on those aspects.

However, it truly requires a broader understanding of the whole body and skeletal structures and have the experienced touch to be able work effectively on a remedial level and one that really works.

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches fringed with swaying palms the moment you enter the tranquil ambiance of our Javanese Massage Room and let us bring perfect harmony and balance to both body and soul.

transport yourself to a tropical beach m

Treatments are tailored to your very special and individual needs at each visit so you get exactly what you want out of each session.No two treatments and massages are completely the same.

Choose from a variety of services:



We also do a Foot Spa and massage which is perfect to release tensions. You can also visit our page at Relexology.

It starts with a Scentsational foot soak, with carefully cooked special herbs, spices and scented oils.

chempaka flower for Inner Sanctuary.png

Chempaka - A flower long used in daily offerings to Asian deities and has great healing properties with the lush fragrance of the sacred Chempaka flower captivates the senses and our very soul.  This divine flower brings harmony, healing and balance wherever its scent travels.

Not sure what treatment is right for you?




Tracy can assess your needs and help you choose.

Tracy massaging.png



Indulge and Enliven the Senses!



Clifton Hill,

Beaumont Road,


Isle of Man,





01624 817844

07624 459637 




Mon - Fri: 9AM - 9PM


Strictly by appointment:

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